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Alpine Mud

White chocolate mud cake enhanced with chocolate swirls through the centre                    

Covered in white chocolate ganache finished with white chocolate slabs and chocolate confetti

This cake is for the ultimate white chocolate lover


Choc Orange / Jaffa Cake

Super rich chocolate sponge containing two layers of chocolate cream

Each layer has been lined with handmade orange thick jam

Finished in chocolate sprinkles and topped with more orange jam


Ganache / Mud Cake + More

Wholly chocolate an enriched mud cake that contains a bonus of 2 layers of thick chocolate ganache

The top is covered with more pure chocolate and thick slates of chocolate

Further decorated with toasted sliced almonds and laced chocolate

This will put any mud cake to shame!


New York Baked Cheese Cake

True to its name this is the best of the best New York baked cheese cake.

A recipe passed down for 50 decades... No one makes it like we do!



Thick filling of vanilla cheese cake sandwiched between 2 layers of banana sponge 

Each slice contains 2 fresh pieces of banana in vanilla cheese and covered in crushed shortbread biscuit


Black Forest

Our classic Black Forest sits thick and moist - three layers of cake with whipped chocolate and vanilla cream

Containing sour cherries covered with pure shaved chocolate


Chocolate Fudge

An adventure of chocolate that contains three layers of moist thick chocolate cake filled with thick ganache

Endlessly covered with pure shaved chocolate


Chocolate Meringue Explosion: gluten free

Thick mousse filling of pure cream with roasted almonds & choc-bits.

Sandwiched between slabs of choc-hazelnut meringue, smothered in a blanket of cream & meringue chips


Princess Cake

Soft nut sponge with one layer of vanilla cream and boysenberry jam

Second layer contains chocolate ganache cream and cherries

This amazing cake is coated with ganache and roasted crushed almonds


Ahh Honey

Rich moist honey sponge that contains three layers of fresh vanilla cream filled with fresh walnuts

This cake is topped with soft chocolate ganache and sides are covered in roasted biscuit crumb


Apple and Boysenberry

Soft and fluffy apple sponge with a layer of apple filled cream followed by a layer of boysenberry thick jam

The entire cake is covered with glazed boysenberry jam jelly

The sides of this magical cake are covered in biscuits


Coffee and Almond

A rich moist sponge sandwiched between velvet soft coffee cream and raspberry jam layers

The sides of this cake are covered in roasted sliced almonds

Coffee cream and chocolate slabs cover this cake with almonds in the centre



Two layers of bittersweet cream and pineapple pieces sandwiched between moist banana sponge

Finished with more pineapple and covered in biscuit crumbs sliced almonds and a pinch of chocolate


Poppy Seed and Apple

This is a tender moist butter cake sponge filled with Australian blue poppy seed, apples, sultanas and cinnamon

The entire cake is finished with roasted and crushed almonds laced with chocolate

A European recipe brought to Australia - a brilliant light tea cake



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