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Aussie Beef

Minced beef in gravy

Pepper Beef

Minced beef & cracked black pepper


Curry Beef

Minced beef & curry


Chilli Beef

Minced  beef, jalapeno, kidney bean, capsicum, chilli


Steak Mushroom

Minced beef & mushroom


Steak Onion

Minced beef & onion

Steak Blue Cheese

Minced beef & bluecheese


Steak, Cheese and Bacon

Minced beef, Cheese & bacon


Ned Kelly

Minced beef, egg, Cheese & bacon

Egg, Bacon aCheese


Chicken, Leek, Bacon & Mushroom

Thai Chicken


Vegetables, white sauce & cheese


Vegetable Pasty

Mixed vegetables


Sausage Roll

Sausage meat, onion & carrot



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